Glossing By Auriel Haken







It designates a new generation of smoothing to improve the shine of your hair by 40% for a period of 5 months.

To no longer choose between beauty and care,
glossing nourishes your hair while respecting it.

It is a dream that we have been able to materialize in our French laboratories.
A formula that is both moisturizing and reconstructing the hair fiber containing micro light reflectors to obtain the much sought-after shine.
In short, a universal and revolutionary treatment.


In order to increase the shine of your hair, the latter had to undergo a color change. This time has passed since the development of our Permanent Hair Gloss, which now adapts to all hair types.

The different treatments that we can inflict on our hair are not without consequences. If you are a fan of Japanese, Korean or Brazilian smoothing, know that these are sophisticated hair straighteners that have an extremely aggressive effect on your hair.

The effects of the straightening iron burn your hair deeply, falling apart with each straightening. The recurrence of these processes combined with aggressive products destroys an essential component of the hair, namely keratin. We then developed a moisturizing and sparkling care for a restorative action of your hair fiber.

The traditional smoothings devoid of natural products and used under the effect of mode appear as harmful for your capillary capital.
Our vocation has been to develop a smoothing that does not force you to choose between care and beauty.

Hair straightening had no nourishing property so far.
It is then the dream of a smoothing that respects the preciousness of your hair that we offer you in the form of a lasting repairer.

The exclusivity of our smoothing takes on its full meaning through its GLOSSHAIR ONDULING formula. It contains all the smoothing ingredients and confers its benefits while keeping your curls. Sculpt to perfection your curls that will be healthy, both structured and drawn to perfection. All with ultimate shine.

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